Friday, March 10, 2006

Victor Sepulveda's Pancho Villa Design

   Hey everybody, well now I have my own personal Blog where I will be posting some of my most recent paintings as I work on them, I will also have a chance to post work in progress here, sketches and finished pieces before I get to upload them to my website.

   This is a Design for a T-shirt I'm working on for Chicano Style Clothing as you can see it is not finished yet, I will try to finish it by sunday. It is done with Photoshop over a black and white photo, which is very blurry so it makes it a little harder, but hopefully they will like it.


Lou Vega said...

This looks very cool.
Is the face a photograph? or is it painted in photoshop?

Did you choose the theme for the T-shirt?

Sepulveda Illustration & Design said...

Hey Lou,
I started off from a black and white photograph, but everything that is in color I painted it in Photoshop, the face is not finished yet though, I still need to paint the details, and add a little more color to give it more life, Probably with some oranges or yellows.

the theme for the t-shirts are the idea of the owner of the clothing company, I'm also doing one with Zapata, and Cuauhtemoc. I'll post them here when I get going on those.

Anonymous said...

hola solo escribo para felicitarlo por su trabajo que hace y lo admiro mucho por su gran arte y es encantadora y yo se que es una gran persona mis respetos para usted gracias y sigua asi toda la vida esesss