Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crewest Downtown Grand Opening.

    This last Saturday, March 11th was the Grand opening of Crewest Store and Gallery at their new location in Downtown L.A. where two of my paintings are being exhibited now.
    The opening was great, a lot of people showed up throughout the day, I got to see friends from last exhibits, as well as new people from the area who had never heard of Crewest but just from seeing the great artwork were very exited about the show. There was a lot of great comments about the new place, especially that it's a lot bigger from the last one, the artwork looks great on the high walls and hopefully being in the artist district will bring a new crowd. To see more pics of the event you can go to Myspace/Crewest.com
Collaboration piece between ManOne and Victor Sepulveda called: "Power Struggle"

Panel painted by ManOne at last year's OC Fair. Aerosol 8 x 8 feet

8 feet by 4 feet panels like this one pained at last year's OC Fair were displayed on the Gallery.

Edgar Hoill, Editor of Lowrider Arte Magazine, Orie, Lowrider Japan model, and Victor Sepulveda.

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