Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Victor Sepulveda at DUB Magazine Concert&CarShow

I went to the DUB Magazine Concert & CarShow this past February 18th as part of the Crewest booth along with Asylm, Patrick Martinez, Spurn and me to paint live and promote the new Gallery opening. Manny Rivera from Streetwise Clothing took the photographs during the day event.
The event was from noon to 6pm, so this was a rather quick painting, It usually takes me a lot longer but I was quite satisfied with the finished result; the girl in the painting is a friend of mine.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crewest Downtown Grand Opening.

    This last Saturday, March 11th was the Grand opening of Crewest Store and Gallery at their new location in Downtown L.A. where two of my paintings are being exhibited now.
    The opening was great, a lot of people showed up throughout the day, I got to see friends from last exhibits, as well as new people from the area who had never heard of Crewest but just from seeing the great artwork were very exited about the show. There was a lot of great comments about the new place, especially that it's a lot bigger from the last one, the artwork looks great on the high walls and hopefully being in the artist district will bring a new crowd. To see more pics of the event you can go to Myspace/
Collaboration piece between ManOne and Victor Sepulveda called: "Power Struggle"

Panel painted by ManOne at last year's OC Fair. Aerosol 8 x 8 feet

8 feet by 4 feet panels like this one pained at last year's OC Fair were displayed on the Gallery.

Edgar Hoill, Editor of Lowrider Arte Magazine, Orie, Lowrider Japan model, and Victor Sepulveda.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Grammy Car

   This is a Cadillac SRX I was hired to paint live at the L.A. Art Show at the Santa Monica Airport from January 25 -29th. It was kind of sudden, because I had barely returned from a trip to Mexico. I got a call on the 25th early in the morning and by four o clock in the afternoon I was already setting up my paints to get started on it. The only info I got over the phone when talking to the people in charge was that they wanted the theme to be of the Grammy's and that it would be a live demo, they gave me the model of the car I was to paint, and that was basically it. Although it has been a month and a half since I painted this, I hadn't had a chance to upload the images on my website, so I figured I would do it here.

   Here is a picture of the basic layout, when I got to the place where I would be working, they gave a poster for the upcoming Grammy show, and asked me if I could replicate it on the car, to which I answered yes, but of course in my own style. So I copied some of the musicians, and painted the trophy reallly big, and added the music notes and simbols. I did a quick search for grammy photos before I left my house, which helped me out a lot when I got there.

Close-up of the Artwork.
I start off by painting the image in whites, this is because I use Kandy Concentrate colors, and they are transparent, so the color by itself would not show on a dark color background like this one. For the dark areas and shadows of the image, I let the color of the background to show through, another reason I prefer to work like this is because some paint jobs have metallic paints or flakes that look better if it shows through the airbrush work as oppposed to just covering it up.

   Here I am painting on the side of the Cadillac, the only thing I didn't like about this project was that it was cold and windy in Santa Monica, even with the sun out! I think it was as low as 60 degrees! I almost froze my ass off.(Ha, ha, ha notice the glove on left hand)
The good thing about it is that I got to talk to a lot of people I don't usually come in contact with, and I'm pretty sure most of them had never seen someone painting on the side of a car. I know this because of the comments I heard, I was surprised how many people thought I was doing graffitti on the side of a nice car!, but then they would come closer and be surprised at the detail. And I would tell them that I wish I knew how to do graffitti, they get paid more than me.

Well, this is the right side of the car, I basically kept the same layout with the trophy on the center, and a musician next to it, but I painted a girl as if she was a presenter with the trophy. I'm not sure what they did with the car, they had mentioned to me as I was working on it that they were gonna take it to the Grammy Award Celebration but they never told me what it would be used for.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Victor Sepulveda's Pancho Villa Design

   Hey everybody, well now I have my own personal Blog where I will be posting some of my most recent paintings as I work on them, I will also have a chance to post work in progress here, sketches and finished pieces before I get to upload them to my website.

   This is a Design for a T-shirt I'm working on for Chicano Style Clothing as you can see it is not finished yet, I will try to finish it by sunday. It is done with Photoshop over a black and white photo, which is very blurry so it makes it a little harder, but hopefully they will like it.