Friday, April 18, 2008

update on American Me painting

Here's a Drawing I started yesterday. It's three of the main characters from the movie American Me. I have to paint these on a Lowrider but I decided to do a pencil outline on photoshop, and as I worked more and more on it, I liked the result so I decided to add a little color and a little more detail to it.


Anonymous said...

Victor your work is very impressive, just to look at it makes me very proud to be who I am and feel a sense of pride. That from just looking at one of your artwork, thank you.
Paul Lemos

Juan "One" SepĂșlveda said...

You have great work, it is good to see another Sepulveda who has followed his passion for art. I wish you continued success in your career.

Juan "One" Sepulveda

Uncle Sam said...

Cant wait to see the finished portrait. I loved that movie I would love to have that hanging in my house :D

Anonymous said...

You are blessed with talent!!