Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Step by Step (Work in Progress)

Finally some new Artwork! after a long time of doing nothing... Ha, ha! Actually, I've been working on a few diferent designs for T-shirts, some new paintings as well as some cool Digital Pieces, and some new drawings of Aztec Warriors for a Coloring book that I've been working on for the last couple of years. I haven't uploaded any of them because I haven't had a lot of spare time to do so. But for now, here's a step by step process of a painting I started last week.
This Painting is done on a 4' x 3' piece of sheet metal that I've had for a long time sitting in my studio, I almost gave it away to a friend of mine but he never came to pick it up, so I decided to finally use it . It's only finished half way by the time of this post, but I'll update the photos as I finish it.

Step 1: For the first step I had to decide what to paint, I really had no idea of what I wanted to do, I liked the metal piece because of the size, and I figured I would paint a girl since I happen to like painting girls, other than that I was drawing a blank. So, I drew a girl with the arms extended and a veil, and had the idea of the wings on the background, which then turned into a bird, as if she's imagining to fly. As you can see this is a very rough drawing, I just wanted to see how it felt on the rectangle.
Step 2: For this step I cleaned up the first rough but not too much... I don't like spending a lot of time working on the details if I'm not sure this is the idea that I choose to paint. I decided to add some flowers and hummingbirds instead of the veil. I think it works better.
Step 3: For this drawing after I did some research for birds and flowers I decided I had worked enough on the sketch so I projected it on the metal piece and started painting.
Step 4: When I started painting I wanted to keep the color in a monotone hot pink, but when I started to get some detail and saw what it looked like, I thought it would be a good idea to throw some turqoise blue on the wings, it doesn't show yet on the photos, but I'll be working on those tonight. Here I am doing the detail on a Hummingbird.
Step 5: More flowers...
Step 6: This is what the painting looked like at 11pm Monday. So far I am very satisfied by how it's coming along. I wanted to work on the flowers first because they have so much detail, the girl shouldn't take me long, especially because it has no skin tones.
Step 7: On this step I finished the bottom part with all the flowers, and the birds, I also decided to put a veil on the torso to make her a little more suggestive.
Step 8:
Step 9:


benone! said...


diamond girl said...

You are an awsome artist....Keep inspiring the raza....

Victor Sepulveda A. said...

eh visto tus pinturas, dibujos ..en fin todo lo que haces.. y es espectacular!! debo felicitarlo mi queridisimo... croe que ambos
tenemos ese don del dibujo ..a pesar de tener el mismo nombre ejeje..

bueno saludos desde Chile..


Alvaro Cervantes aka PURO said...

Holla Victor!
I spoke to you a few years back and its great to see you put up a blog.
What kind of airbrush do you use and I noticed you don't do a lot of masking?
Keep up the great work!

ELROBE said...

Hey Victoriano, I love your work, I'm very happy for you, you keep on growing in the art world and your style is unique, keep on creating and hopefully I'll see you in one of your upcoming shows, saludame a los cuates, Denny y Eduardo, no se olviden de "RoƱolkas".

Veronica said...

Fuieste bendecido con un talento que wow! UR GREAT! Your work is amazing. Echale ganas victor, sigue adelante que tu trabajo is perfecto.

Anonymous said...

eres un gran artista yo tambien pinto aunque no creo ser tan talentoso como tu me gustaria ver videos de tus trabajos como los realizas eres una persona que inspiras saludos desde Mex. DF

Anonymous said...

Nice Artwork by the way! the step by step process was really helpfull i was wondering if you can do more detailed step by step processes of your work you do, not only with airbrushing but when working in photoshop too. They are very helpfull and interesting! Thanks!

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